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Rocky Point Mexico, Arizona's Beach Getaway

By AZ Leisure Staff Writers

Rocky Point Mexico Rocky Point Mexico. Rocky Point Convention and Visitors Bureau

There's something so special about spending a vacation along ocean shores that feature astounding ocean horizon views and white sandy beaches. It's serene tranquility away from day-to-day hectic routine. When Arizonans get the urge, they've always headed west to San Diego. And they still do, because after all, San Diego is one gorgeous place.

Rocky Point Mexico

But more and more Arizona vacationers are discovering some equally beautiful seaside beauty in the Rocky Point area on the Sea of Cortez in Mexico which is only about 60 miles from the Arizona border. Both Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona are under 220 driving miles to Rocky Point which is what the gringos call Puerto Penasco.

Rocky Point Mexico

So Rocky Point Mexico is a much quicker and shorter drive than to San Diego and features luxury hotels, resorts and highrise condos overlooking panoramic views of the Sea of Cortez horizons. Vacationers enjoy the white sandy beaches four-wheeling, horseback riding in the surf, boating, fishing and some pretty nice golf courses as well. It has many of the same type of attractions and enticements as does San Diego, but Rocky Point can boast something uniquely special and that is the charm and culture of Old Mexico.

Evolution of a Resort Town

Swimming Pool Area on the Beach in Rocky Point, MexicoOnce a simple fishing village, Rocky Point is, today, a simple getaway that hosts North American visitors throughout the year. Despite its five-star restaurants and elegant villas, the town still retains a certain simplicity that is attractive to vacationers looking for leisure and classic seaside activities like sunbathing and snorkeling. Although plans are quickly progressing to transform this destination into a resort community, campers and RVs still find plenty of places to park and enjoy the beautiful stretches of beach.

Activities, Recreation and Adventure

Rocky Point boasts many stunning beaches. Clear water beckons vacationers to swim, snorkel, and scuba dive. The area is also a popular fishing destination. Sailing, skydiving, and beachcombing are also popular activities for travelers. Nightlife and fine restaurants are abundant. The town’s flavor is a rich sample of Mexican hospitality. Whether sipping cocktails at one of the luxury hotels or enjoining tacos from a local street vendor, there is something for everyone in Rocky Point. Travelers typically camp, rent villas or condominiums, or stay at the local hotels many of which are very affordable.

The Rocky Point Experience

Dining on the oceanfront, sport fishing with friends, skipping through a tide pool, enjoying the sunset over the sea—relaxation and rejuvenation await travelers to this seaside gem. With accommodations and activities to suit any budget, this simple town is filled with a wide array of interesting restaurants and shops. The beaches are lovely, clean, and welcoming. Some even say the sea lions here are friendly and might even join you for a swim. In any case, a trip to Rocky Point offers all the elements that make for the best of vacations.

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Tips When Traveling To Rocky Point

Remember, when traveling to Mexico, its jurisdiction is the law. There is no jury system and getting arrested in Mexico will not be much fun. So follow Mexico laws carefully. They love tourists but they do enforce Mexico law.

1. Your vehicle must be registered in your name. Be sure to carry all current registration documents.

2. Take your driver's license and one other form of identification. If you have a passport, take it since to is a accepted proof of citizenship. Beginning in 2008, a passport will be mandatory even when driving.

3. DO NOT carry guns or ammunition into Mexico.

4. If you bring recreational vehicles with you including ATVs, Jet Skis, Boats or similar, make sure you have current documents proving ownership.

5. If you take a dog, you must veterinarian evidence of rabies shots.

6. Do not try bring wildlife, plants, fruit, coral or fireworks into or back from Mexico.

7. Do not break Mexican laws. Do not speed, use drugs, carry drugs or get into a fight.

8. Keep receipts for anything you buy in Mexico (that is legal).

9. Your auto insurance does not cover your vehicle in Mexico. Even a simple "fender bender" could carry serious consequences without Mexican insurance. Purchase Mexican insurance in advance of your trip.

10. Give a good friend or family member your travel schedule and carry the phone number of your country's Embassy in the event of an emergency.

Be a good tourist and a polite guest. Avoid trouble. Don't break Mexican laws. Just enjoy the attractions and the beautiful environment.

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