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Grand Canyon Weather and Climate

By Tony Subia

What is The Weather Like At The Grand Canyon?

Elevation and season of the year determine average temperatures at the the Grand Canyon. Elevations at top of the South Rim average around 7,000 feet. The North Rim averages about 8,000 feet. The higher the elevation, the cooler the temperature. At any given time, the North Rim will average 8-10 degrees Fahrenheit cooler versus the South Rim.

Mather Point Grand Canyon

The depth of the Grand Canyon from the top of the rims to the canyon floor averages about one-mile deep. Keep this in mind. If your hike into the canyon, temperatures will rise 3-4 degrees per thousand feet of descent. This means the very bottom of the canyon can increase 20 to 25 degrees warmer than the top of the respective rims.

As an example: If it is 80 degrees at the rim top, it could reach 105 degrees at the canyon bottom. Hikers must keep that in mind and dress and prepare accordingly. The following weather charts show the average high and low temperatures and reflect general weather at the Grand Canyon and intend to help plan your visit to either the South Rim or North Rim.

Weather and Average Temperatures At The Rims

Upper South Rim Averages

Average Temperatures & Weather Upper South Rim Grand Canyon

Upper North Rim Averages

Average Temperatures & Weather Upper South Rim Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon Weather During Summer

At the top of the Rims, the summer day time high temperatures are typically cool and refreshing. With daily highs of low 80s in June, July, and August at the South Rim and the mid-70s at the North Rim, the standard dress is light and even shorts. However, nightfall can bring low temperatures that can drop 35 degrees. July, August and early September are vulnerable to thunderstorms with heavy rain and lightening.

Mather Point Grand Canyon

Fall Weather and Average Temperatures

Summer heat gives way to cooler temperatures during the fall months of September and October with progressively cooler temperatures in the latter fall periods. Summer rains diminish in mid-September with a drier fall period than normal with fewer days of precipitation. It is not likely, but snowfall has been known to occur during the fall.

Grand Canyon Weather During The Winter

Winter weather conditions on the South Rim can become quite cold. The North Rim can be colder. Expect snowfall, but when dusted with snow, the canyon is beautiful. The South Rim is open all year with most services in operation. The North Rim closes from mid-October until mid-May and the road from Jacob Lake to the North Rim is often closed due to heavy snow and ice. On occasion, roads leading to the South Rim may be closed. See Photos of Winter Snow at the Grand Canyon.

Spring Weather at The Grand Canyon

By mid-April, winter weather usually begins to break, and although snow is not uncommon in May, warm spells become more frequent. The cold temperatures of winter usually give way to warming and a pleasant spring. If you prefer smaller crowds, the spring season is a good time visit the Canyon before school breaks for summer vacation.

Temperatures At The Bottom of The Grand Canyon.

Lower Inner Canyon Averages

Average Temperatures & Weather Lower, Inner Grand Canyon

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