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Birdwatching in Arizona

Surprising to most, Arizona is considered one of the Top 10 Places for bird- watching in North America. Although there are great birdwatching spots across the state, the most popular locations are in Southern Arizona where it is a hotbed for avian species. While some types of birds make their home in Arizona, many pass through on migration coming and going during certain migratory seasons.

According to the Southern Arizona Birdwatching Guide, the best places to watch for vast species of birds include the Chiracahua National Monument, Ramsey Canyon Preserve, San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area. Buenas Aires National Wildlife Refuge, Madera Canyon, Sabino Canyon, and the Patagonia-Sonoita Preserve.

If you love hummingbirds, Sierra Vista just south of Tucson is often called "The Hummingbird Capital of the US". Its mild climate, high mountains, proximity to the San Pedro River, and diversity of habitats creates the perfect place to view rare, colorful and unusual species of hummingbirds.

Of course there are other areas in Arizona that harbor multiple species of birds. The Verde Valley near Sedona is also a bird-watching paradise. Its four season mild weather combined with rich riparian habitats along the Verde River attracts over 300 different types of local bird inhabitants.

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