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Havasu Falls:
The Robert Body Collection

By AZ Leisure Staff Writers

Hikers Below Havasu Falls Havasu Falls. 120 foot drop (37 meters)

Havasu Canyon is a stunning paradise that few ever get the chance to experience. This magnificent oasis sits on the floor of the Grand Canyon near Supai Village, the reservation center if the Havasupai Indian Tribe. It is tucked into a canyon-offshoot about 35 miles west of the Grand Canyon National Park South Rim boundaries.

Reaching the series of waterfalls on the Havasu Creek requires hiking the trail down from the canyon rim to the bottom of the canyon. Visitors can also take a helicopter ride to Supai Village and hike a couple of miles to reach the astounding beauty and tranquility of Havasu Falls, and its sister falls of Navajo, Mooney, and Beaver Falls.

Havasu Falls is considered a sacred place by the Havasupai People. The name "Havasupai" means "people of the blue-green water" which is the color of the water in the Havasu Creek which creates the these astounding water falls. It is truly of amazing beauty and tranquility.

For Your Viewing Enjoyment

These photographic creations are compliments of Robert Body. Robert is an adventurer, naturalist and outdoor enthusiast. His photo creations exemplify his love of capturing landscape beauty. Robert's images are available as print decor and stock photography and is also available for assignment. Visit Robert Body.Com for more information.

Please enjoy...

Havasu Falls at Havasupai

Morning at Havasu Falls

Serenity of Havasu Fall

Spring Next to Havasu Falls

Havasu Falls

Havasu Falls From Above

Early Morning Rays

Couple Enjoying Havasu Fall

Beaver Falls

Picture of Beaver Falls

View of Beaver Falls from Trail

View of Beaver Falls from Trail

Beaver Falls

Beaver Falls

Diving From Beaver Falls

Mooney Falls

Mooney Falls. 200 foot drop (64 meters)

Serenity Beneath Mooney

Swimming at Mooney Falls

Pools at Mooney Falls

Navajo Falls

60 foot drop (21 meters)

Navajo Falls

Navajo Falls

Jumping into Navajo Falls

Under Navajo Falls

Panoramic of Navajo Falls

Views Along The Trail

Spring Near Mooney Falls

Crossing Havasu Creek

Falls Along The Creek

Crossing From Mooney to Beaver Falls

Crossing From Mooney to Beaver Falls

Creek Crossing

Creek Crossing

Creek Crossing

Trail To The Falls

Hualapai Hilltop. The Beginning

Mule Caravan To Supai

Supai Village

Rock Wall Drinking Water

Trail To The Switchbacks

View Along The Trail

Getting Closer To Paradise

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